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It can be very confusing and time consuming trying to select the right instrument for your child. 
We have put together some recommendations to try and help you find your way.

Having your own instrument is an essential part of practice and the instruments must be taken to school on the day of the lessons.

More expensive instruments such as flutes and clarinets can rented and other popular instruments can be purchased.  

We have a supply of Flutes and Clarinets that can be rented from us for £15.00 per month. Please contact us for details.


To purchase a new keyboard click here.
You will also need a carrybag to take the keyboard to school.
Amazon stock a suitable 61 key carrybag that you can see here

If you are looking at second hand instruments, any Yamaha keyboard with the prefix YPT or PSR will have all of the functions that you need.

Lots of our families have had success purchasing them through Ebay, Facebook marketplace and on the local buying selling app Shpock.

We also suggest that you ask around friends and family as there are lots of instruments not being used and it could be the case that you can borrow one with a view to purchasing one if the lessons are to be an ongoing course for your child


We suggest that students use acoustic/Spanish/classical guitars that are fitted with nylon strings (3 nylon strings and 3 overwound metal strings) as steel strings can be sharp on young fingers and we don't want anything to put the children off playing!

Also, it may be worth asking around to see if you know anyone who has a 3/4 sized acoustic guitar in their house that is not being used that you could borrow for a short while before purchasing one. We hear stories all the time about instruments that are lying around and not being used and guitars are top of that list.  Again, be sure to check that it is a 3/4 and fitted with nylon strings.

To purchase a new suitable 3/4 guitars click here


Most children on our scheme would require a 1/2 size violin. If in doubt please consult with the teacher.

To purchase a violin click here



To rent brass instruments (from UK specialist's Dawkes Music)  click here.


Don't worry you won't have to take a full kit to school!! You will just need a practice pad and sticks.

Practice pad is available here

Drumsticks are available here

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