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Tuition is offered on all brass, woodwind and stringed instruments, keyboards and guitars, both acoustic and electric. Drum tuition is offered to those schools with a drum kit. 


* Group rate tuition fees are generally based upon about 4 pupils sharing a half hour session. This may be subject to the teacher’s discretion: a single pupil for instance may be taught for a shorter amount of time or a larger group may require longer.

* Pupils must have their own instrument. (In the case of drum tuition a practice pad and sticks). Please see the instruments section for further details. The instruments must be taken to school on the day of the lesson. 

* Lessons are generally in school time but we do try to take classes at lunchtimes at secondary level.

* There are 10 lessons per term totaling 30 lessons per academic year, so there will be several lesson-free weeks. These will be used if a session needs to be rescheduled for any reason.

* The cost of a lesson is £7.50,  £75.00 per term,  a total of £225.00 for the year.


* Parents may pay termly in advance OR by 10 monthly installments of £22.50  monthly for which payment details will be emailed to you.


* If a pupil is absent the lesson must be forfeited, although the teacher will make sure that the work is made up.


* If a teacher is absent your child will be notified as soon as possible and the lesson will be rearranged.


* An annual assessment will be sent home towards the end of the year, a copy of which will be retained in your child’s school file.


* Pupils are encouraged to perform as soon as possible in school assemblies or productions.


* Pupils will be encouraged to take recognised music exams wherever possible, but there will be an external fee charged by the examining boards involved for this.


* Parents must encourage their child to practise regularly according to the request of the teacher.

It is imperative that you inform our office and the instrumental teacher in writing as soon as you wish to cancel tuition.




* Experiencing the appreciation of music which is a gift for life.


* Social music making as each group develops into an ensemble.


* Confidence building through performance and the art of self expression.


* Accessing a person’s talent without the expense of private tuition.


* Practising the skills of listening, appraising,  performing and composing as laid out in the National Curriculum.

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